For companies that want to reduce downtime costs due to maintenance, repairs and set-up.

White Label

For companies that want to increase turnover and reduce costs in the area of machine services.

How to get started

Our Process

In our first meeting, we would like to understand your business challenges and discuss with you where intelligent knowledge management can offer potential savings in your organisation.

In the demo appointment, we present our software to you using your specific use case. You try out the software yourself and we discuss a possible use case in detail. We will work with you to calculate how much you can save by using our software solution and when it pays off, using a tried and tested return on investment calculation.

In the proof of concept phase, which lasts between 3 and 6 months, we work with you to achieve the previously calculated savings potential with our software solution. We help you get the best out of it in weekly meetings. At the end, we make a fact-based decision as to whether the savings potential has been achieved and which subscription is right for you.

Get started with a subscription that suits you. The necessary hardware is also available from us. Secure your competitiveness with us!

Identify potential savings and then subscribe